About Us

MicroMedia Ink is a small family-owned publishing business located in Palau. Our debut publication is Winston Pooh: An Investigation into the Real Story behind the Stories by Judy L. Dean. Judy is well known in Palau for assisting with the writing of grant proposals and other government publications, but this work represents an entirely different direction for Ms. Dean. Her book is the result of over twenty years of personal research which took her as far as England seeking the true identity of Winnie-the-Pooh; and her astonishing conclusion may just set the world of children’s literature on its ear.

Owner Everdil Tohill’s goal for MicroMedia Ink is to establish a resource for aspiring Palauan authors to get their works into print. Author Ann Morgan, through her blog entry, “A Year of Reading the World,” described her quest to read her way around all the globe’s 196 independent countries, sampling one book from every nation. She found that Palau was “… the most difficult Pacific island nation to find books from. Every other literary globetrotter I’ve heard of has struggled to find a Palauan story, with many people resorting to anthropological works and histories by Western academics in the absence of anything by writers from the place. My own experience bore this out.”

In 2004, a creative writing seminar held during the 9th Pacific Arts Festival (hosted by Palau) led to the publication of Short Stories from Small Islands: Tales Shared in Palau. [Alan Dean Foster, ed. Secretariat of the Pacific Community, 2005. ISBN: 9820000998] Two of the stories in this thin volume are by Palauans. It does not seem to be available anywhere.

MicroMedia Ink aims to support efforts to encourage and inspire Palauan poets, novelists and historians to put their ideas on paper and share them with an appreciative audience.

Pictured Above: Author Judy Dean at the London Zoo rubbing the nose of “Winnie-the-Pooh” for good luck.